This house is a home for those of us who live here

It is my pleasure to write and thank everyone for the care and attention you have provided during the last year. It has been first class as everyone takes their job seriously and attends to every little detail.

Providing three meals a day, with people wanting different choices, is hard work and the cooks and kitchen staff do an exemplary job. Thank you to all the carers for doing an exceptional job every day of the year. My thanks to Matron and all the nurses, day and night, who are on hand to cope with any emergency.

To the cleaners and maintenance staff, who keep the house clean and smelling so nice. It is wonderful to have any property issues tackled promptly. Thank you all for first class duties.

I am very impressed by the way all the directors chip-in together to make this house a home for those of us who live here as our “residence”. Arranging the menus and shopping, attending to the gardening, entertaining us with stories and singalongs.
The entertainments with games, quizzes, arts, crafts, baking keeps us all busy, looking after our mental and physical welfare is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to you all.