Knowledgeable, Kind, Attentive, Warm and Friendly

I cannot thank everyone enough for the marvellous care that Mum received, and she absolutely blossomed there! She loved the food, started to put much needed weight on, tried things she had never tried before and actually liked some of them! Her skin looked better than it had done in years, her hair was styled every Friday and she always looked smart. She enjoyed taking part in the activities and was very proud that some of her artwork was displayed on the walls. Mum was a very anxious person and because of the higher staff to resident ratio, was able to be given that extra reassurance and attention that made all the difference to her wellbeing.

The staff were very knowledgeable, kind, attentive, warm and friendly and any issues were immediately addressed and dealt with. Her needs were continually assessed and discussed. Equipment was purchased and routines implemented to make her as comfortable as possible, whilst enabling her to continue to take part in activities. She was very happy.